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Kannapolis Roof Repair, Roofing Contractors, Construction in Kannapolis, NC

Established in 2006, Sandusky Construction is Kannapolis, NC's top roofing contractor, specializing in repairs, new roof installations and re-roofing projects.

At Sandusky Construction, we specialize in roof repair and roof installations for residential and commercial clients alike. We offer a complete host of roofing solutions to our clients, including:

  • Installation and repair of asphalt shingles;
  • Metal roofing installation and repairs;
  • Chimney flashing repairs;
  • Plywood sub-roof replacement;
  • Attic insulation installation; and
  • Structural roof repairs and renovations.

We also accept insurance restorations, with direct-to-insurance company billing available.

Lots of our clients sustain a fair amount of collateral damage as a result of leaks or holes in the roof. Unfortunately, this can lead to very significant water damage impacting the underlying roof structure, along with the attic insulation, plaster ceiling work, drywall, wood floors and beyond. Potentially deadly mold formation is another risk. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that your roof is water-tight with routine inspections.

Inspecting the roof doesn't require a ladder! Simply pull out a pair of binoculars and stand across the street to inspect the roof for signs of a problem such as missing shingles, along with bowed, cracked or damaged shingles.

Residents can also inspect the roof from the inside by visiting the attic during or after a heavy rain. This allows you to search for any signs of dampness. Attic insulation will typically show telltale signs of a leak in the form of discoloration and mold. These issues are all sure signs that you need a roof repair. There's no better roofing contractor than Kannapolis, NC's Sandusky Construction!

In addition to roofing, we can also assist with other projects, including:
  • Gutter repairs and replacement;
  • Siding installation and replacement;
  • Insulation installation;
  • Tile flooring and backsplash installation;
  • Structure framing and framing modifications;
  • Home addition construction; and
  • Fire damage restoration and renovations.

If you need help with roof repair on your home or business, turn to the experts at Sandusky Construction, serving Kannapolis, NC and the surrounding region. Our team of expert roofing contractors also serves clients in the communities of China Grove, Concord, Charlotte and Mt. Pleasant, NC and surrounding areas.

Sandusky Construction offers prompt service to our clients, as we understand that a damaged roof can't wait! In fact, the longer you wait, the more collateral damage may occur. This is especially true of roof leaks and storm damage stemming from a fallen tree limb or hail. The longer your roof remains damaged, the more water damage you'll sustain. So we recommend taking prompt action if you spot signs of a problem!

If you suspect that your roof needs repairs, turn to the expert team at Sandusky Construction. We'll dispatch a friendly team of roofing technicians to examine your roof and to provide a repair recommendation and a price estimate for the project.

We're fully bonded, licensed and insured. We also guarantee the quality of our work. We stand behind our work with confidence so you can too!

To request a free roof inspection and consultation with price quote, call Sandusky Construction today at 704-933-6859.